Vea Buddy - Bluetooth watch


The Buddy bluetooth watch from French company Vea Digital puts a 2 inch screen on your wrist and keeps you connected in full colour. 

The watch has 8GB of internal memory a 2 inch capacitive, ultra high contrast screen, and comes in at 8mm thick. For comparison thats a tad thicker than an iPhone 5. The bluetooth 4.0 allows the watch to stay alive for 10 days with normal operation or two weeks in standby. For all those wondering it is waterproof to 3ATM. 

It is compatible with iOS, Adroid, and Windows phone, and takes on the following features.

  • TIME: time taken from the smartphone (thats a given)
  • CALLS: shows the caller's phone number. Answer or decline. Caller History. Initiate call.
  • TEXT MESSAGE: vibrates, and the message can optionally be displayed.
  • MMS:  vibrates, and  the message can optionally be displayed.
  • EMAILS:  vibrates, your inbox is displayed and you can select the email to read it.
  • CALENDAR: When a calendar event is due shortly, the watch vibrates and the event is displayed.
  • PHOTOS: Display the photos from you smartphone gallery.     
  • MUSIC: Remotely control all your smartphone music features.
  • GPS: Display all GPS features from your smartphone.
  • FACEBOOK: Display all notifications from Facebook.
  • TWITTER: Display all notifications.

$99 will buy the black version for the first 200 people, it's 150 after that for the remainder of the campaign. 160 will get a red or white watch for the duration of the campaign. After the indiegogo project finishes this watch will retail for $249.