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SmartWallit - Makes your wallet smart


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SmartWallit - Makes your wallet smart

Jeff Penner


At first glance the SmartWallit appears to be another wallet offering on Kickstarter, but dive into the video read what this project is all about and it becomes clear that the SmarWallit is an add on with some welcome features that will enhance how you use your wallet. 

SmartWallit is a small device that clips into your wallet and connects to your phone via bluetooth 4.0. It will go 25 days on a single battery charge and take only an additional 5% of your phones battery power per day when connected.

So what functions does it add?

  • It will give you a record of your wallet usage, by using the ambient light sensor it knows when you opened your wallet and shows you graphs on your wallet usage via the iPhone app.
  • It will tell you that it is still there, by buzzing in set intervals just to let you know you still have it. This is a feature that is good for walking through crowds or travelling.
  • The SmartWallit will remind you when you leave it behind by buzzing on your phone. Your wallet will also buzz if you leave your phone behind. The creators are calling this the 2 way anti-lost reminder
  • Find Me, simply makes your wallet buzz when you need to find it by activating it through your smart phone
  • Tap Tap, The SmartWallit will turn off any notifications if you just tap it twice. I wish some smartphone companies would put this in their products.

SmartWallit can be used with three attachments, a clip to go inside your wallet, a bar that will hold a credit card to the unit itself, and a keychain so you can keep it with your keys.

The first 100 early backers can get the SmartWallit on Kickstarter starting at $39, after that the wallet is $49 for the next 1000 people. If you miss that boat too you can get the SmartWallit for $55 including the cardholder attachment. SmartWallit will retail for $69 following the Kickstarter project.