Thermodo - The Tiny Thermometer for Mobile Devices


Is the latest weather app not accurate enough for you? Take temperature readings into your own hands using Thermodo, a tiny electric thermometer that plugs into the headphone port on your mobile device. 

Wasabi Mountain

Will this device save the world, no, but it will give you accurate temperature readings of your immediate surroundings. Where it will become really transformational is when average people can report the temperature from where they are. Creating a real time crowd-sourced weather network, you'll know how hot it is in your neighbourhood, not at just the closest airport.

We all carry tiny pocket computers around which are helping us to understand and interact with the environment around us, through quantified data. This is something we think is infinitely cool. We're hoping that Thermodo and all the experiences we're making is just the first step into this new playing field.

The Thermodo is available for $25